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AMS Ovens

td finishing offer a full range of AMS oven solutions for a wide range of manufacturing industries. These include, but are not limited to, Aerospace, Military, Marine, Finishing and Composites.

Catering for processes including low-temperature material & drum warming, pre-treatment and paint drying, as well as heat treatment and high-temperature coating cure. Front opening, as well as top-loading, oven dryer options are available with manual or powered door systems.

What is the AMS2750 Specification?

AMS is an abbreviation and stands for “Aerospace Materials Specification”. AMS2750 is an aerospace industry standard for heat treatment of materials and components. Due to the very stringent safety requirements within the industry, AMS2750 ensures tight control and documentation of all heat treatment processes. The first version of the standard was published in 1980. Followed by several revisions. In 2012 the current revision AMS2750E was published.

It is a detailed specification, as the standard states;

“This specification covers pyrometric (high temperature) requirements for thermal processing equipment used for heat treatment. It covers temperature sensors, instrumentation, thermal processing equipment, system accuracy tests, and temperature uniformity surveys. These are necessary to ensure that parts or raw materials are heat treated in accordance with the applicable specification(s)”.

Who uses AMS2750?

Whilst originally specified for the aerospace industry. Many companies across a variety of industries are now applying the standard. As the success of a heat treatment process can prove difficult to measure after the fact. It is very important for manufacturers and those performing heat treatment to measure, record and document the heat treatment process parameters. To ensure the continued quality of the finished product.

Some of the industries which have adopted AMS2750 for heat treatment include offshore, rail, automotive, composites and defence. As its strict auditing processes offer the reliability, accuracy of measurements and traceability of the treatment that many of their customers are looking for.

td finishing AMS Ovens

td finishing have been supplying process ovens to manufacturers exacting specifications for 18 years. With a wealth of engineering experience spanning many decades. As well as a deep understanding of the complexities that surround air distribution and control systems, as they relate to the temperature uniformity within a process oven.

There are many td finishing process ovens specifically designed for AMS2750E can be supplied in line with Furnace Class requirements 1 to 5 along with Instrument Types A to E, as indicated in the tables below;

Furnace Class Temperature Uniformity Range (°F) Temperature Uniformity Range (°C)
1 ± 5 ± 3
2 ± 10 ± 6
3 ± 15 ± 8
4 ± 20 ± 10
5 ± 25 ± 14
6 ± 50 ± 28
Sensors Required by Instrument Type Instrument Type
One control sensor per zone that controls and displays temperature
The temperature indicated by the control sensor in each control zone shall be recorded by a recording instrument.
Alternatively, the recording instrument may be connected to a second sensor contained in the same sheath or holder as the control sensor, and separated from the control sensor by no more than 10mm.
At least two additional recording sensors in each control zone shall be located to best represent the coldest and hottest temperatures based on the results from the most recent temperature uniformity survey.
At least 1 recording sensor in each zone
Each control zone shall have over temperature protection.
The recording sensor representing the hottest location may also be utilized as the over-temperature protection sensor.

Furnace class and instrument type are two critical factors when specifying an oven requirement for AMS2750. Alongside temperature these determine the sensor, calibration, and TUS/SAT interval requirements.

Additionally, or where required process ovens can be supplied with multi-channel chart recorders, thermocouple & vacuum manifolds, process deviation alarms and touch screen HDMI systems with ethernet connection for remote monitoring capabilities. Interlocks and man-inside safety systems can also be supplied.

For more information or to discuss your requirements contact td finishing today on requirements on 0121 520 8884 or email