All td finishing powder coating systems are supplied with modulating Gas and Air Burners. We fit these burners to our Drying Ovens, Powder Curing Ovens. Also, to any heated stages of the spray pre-treatment systems. We are one of the country’s leading suppliers of powder coating plants. Therefore, we understand the importance of efficiency in heated processes. Alongside this, we understand the role plant design has on optimising temperature control. Accurate temperature control is key to achieving tight tolerances in temperatures. Fully modulating systems allow much greater control over traditional “High-low” burners.   

Latest APL Technology

The Burners use the latest ‘Air Pressure Lead’ (APL) monoblock gas valve technology. Changes in process heat demand are transmitted to the burner by a modulating signal. This connects to a motor speed controller which varies the speed of the burner combustion air fan. It increases or decreases the burner windbox differential air pressure. As a result, the package gas burners offer flexible, high turndown control for process heating applications. Giving minimum running consumption during production, but with high-power output available on demand. Particularly during system start-up. We can offer 24/7 timers for automated system heat up prior to manufacturing operations.

Safety is a Key Feature

Safety is another key feature of our package-gas modulating burners. As such, the burners comprise of a burner windbox, combustion air fan, a compact monoblock air / gas valve gas train and burner controls. Including the combustion air fan motor speed controller, mounted within a control panel. For ease of access during use, we can supply our burners with a remote panel if you require one.
Standard control items include a burner controller ignition transformer and differential air pressure switch. Two 3-way air valves perform safety checks on the air pressure switch in both open and closed modes each time the burner fires. This allows the burners independent operation of the combustion air fan in conjunction with oven /dryer main recirculation fans.

Individual Control

On our powder coating systems, you’ll find a modular immersion tube burner. This includes a cylindrical burner assembly that can withstand typical tank heating operating environments. Alongside this, a compact monoblock gas valve train, burner controls mounted in a protective control box, exhaust damper and an exhaust fan which can be coupled to multiple burner installations all the while maintaining individual control. The burner fires through a submersed stainless steel burner tube designed to give optimum surface area and heat transfer through the process.

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