Where greater flexibility is required, td finishing are very experienced in the supply of Power & Free Conveyorised Powder Coating Systems.  The greater flexibility comes from the use of two tracks, one above the other.  The top or “power” track, contains a drive chain.  This chain has attached, pusher dogs which allow for the movement of product flight bars which are located within the lower, “Free” conveyor track.  

Conveyor Systems


Switches and the use of multiple drive chains allows production to flow around a factory space and removes the rigidity of a single chain monorail conveyor.  On a traditional monorail conveyor system, the product is restricted to the single path of the drive chain.  With Power & Free a product is free to bypass certain processes or be delivered to a particular area of the factory for assembly, inspection or packing.  For a conveyorised powder coating system this mean the product can be treated individually depending on its specific process requirements.  

Bespoke Solutions


In a recent Fusion Bonded Epoxy installation, where the Clients product could vary in thickness by up to 10mm.  Following spray pre-treatment, the drying oven was also utilised as a pre-heat.  The flexibility of the Power & Free Conveyorised Powder Coating Systems means it is possible to vary the dwell time in the oven to ensure sufficient heat is transferred into the product.  The variable transfer speed also gave the flexibility to deliver the product to the powder coating booth before it loses the heat required to fuse the powder primer.  The variance in product gauge also required a track system which could allow for a variable cooling time before applying the top coat powder.  

Overhead Conveyors


For heavier products the loading and unloading operations are made safer with a Power & Free system.  Once the power track has delivered the flight bar to the stationary load or unload station the operator is free to mechanically load very heavy products, via a loading crane or integrated drop section. Only then when the operator has safely loaded the conveyor will they allow for the release of the flight bar back in to the powder coating system.  For lighter products the stationary flight bar means line density can easily be increased, improving efficiency.

High Specifications


More efficient drying and powder coating ovens are available, as products are loaded into the ovens in echelon, allowing for the accumulation of products in ovens.  This in turn minimises the amount of oven volume which would otherwise be empty space.  The ovens can be used to pre-heat or cure paint without altering the process times the flight bar spends in the pre-treatment plant.  Spray pre-treatment systems have set treatment time requirements, which can be kept consistent with Power & Free regardless of the product thickness.  

Where required td finishing powder coating facilities can be supplied with Power & Free Conveyorised Powder Coating Systems, and can include Pretreatment plant, drying ovens, curing ovens, infrared oven and spray booths.  

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