Dip Pretreatment System and Electropaint Plant at Foleshill Metal Finishing

Foleshill Metal Finishing in Coventry add the their electropaint capacity with a new dip Pretreatment system and electropaint plant.

The plant incorporates Acid descaling for laser finishing systemscut products and the unique space saving td finishing walking beam Stoving oven.

td finishing ltd specialise in the design and installation of personalised finishing systems for clients in the UK and Europe.

All equipment is designed using CAD technology by our amazing team of in house engineers. Their experience enables them to give up to date systems that meet the current market requirements.

This design experience is used for plant from basic batch equipment to complete conveyorised systems incorporating HMI touch screen and PLC controls.

All td finishing contracts are project managed from order placement though design, manufacture, installation and commissioning to give the clients systems that are installed to programme and meet the latest environmental standards.

From receipt of an enquiry, td finishing carry out an initial site survey and product evaluation, before providing prospective clients with a full specification and layout drawing detailing the proposed plant concept.

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