Are you struggling with an ageing powder coating or paint finishing system?  Perhaps a drying oven or curing oven in your facility which requires replacement?  Often over-looked for maintenance, upgrades and replacement these assets can be an unforeseen disaster for production when they do go wrong.  Obsolete parts and long-lead times can lead to further woes when a suitable maintenance spares package has not been kept well stocked.


In the photograph here, we have an example of a customer who was coating small components on a light weight monorail conveyor when a catastrophic break-down caused production to grind to a halt.  The age of the system meant that a replacement was required and quickly.


Efficient Service to Suit Your Needs

The client contacted td finishing and an order was placed, with a replacement curing oven required to be up and running within 4 weeks.  A tall order; but working from customers dimensioned sketches the equipment was designed, delivered, installed and running within the allotted time.

The Curing Oven was supplied with a much smaller, modern electrical control panel compliant to the relevant standards.  Whilst, highly efficient modulating gas & air burners, td’s negative-pressure air-seals were also supplied resulting in a complete upgraded, modernised powder curing oven.

Whilst all ended well in this instance most breakdowns and plant failures can be a huge headache for any size of business.  Failure to services burners, fans and properly maintain a dip or spray pre-treatment system can have serious, long term financial consequences.


The Importance of Plant Maintenance

There are many ways in which a poorly maintained paint plant can have adverse effects on your final product finish.  Dirty tanks, and blocked nozzles inside a spray pre-treatment system for example; can often be hard to diagnose whilst the finishing plant is running, but the degradation of water quality in the tanks means the adhesion of paint or powder will be slowly heading towards failure.  This may be in the form of rejected components or eventual failure in the field, under warranty. Anything from a day to months worth of production could be at risk due to poor maintenance and quality control.


Temperature Uniformity Survey

The results of unmaintained drying oven and curing oven burners are more immediately obvious. As is the failure to monitor or periodically check an ovens temperature uniformity, this can lead to wet components entering the powder booth or uncured components leaving the curing oven.  Heat cycling or replacement fans for example, can result in a drastically altered temperature distribution. Meaning; it’s important to regularly carry out a Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) to make sure your ovens are running to the specification to which they were commissioned.


Wide Variety of Equipment Available

So, if you have any concerns over ageing equipment, are looking for a replacement, or would just like to check your finishing plant performance & safety, then td can offer replacement or service and maintenance packages for any of the following;

  • Dip Pretreatment
  • Spray Pretreatment
  • Drying Ovens
  • Powder Coating Ovens
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Water demineralisation  


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