This page details several examples of the industries served by td finishing in recent years;

Sheet Metal

For the UK’s premier sheet metal manufacturers there is only one plant supplier to provide their pre-treatment and powder coating facility requirements. In recent years td finishing has supplied the biggest names in the UK with online pre-treatment and powder coating equipment.

These have ranged from 2.5 stage pre-treatments to 9-stage multi-line power and free systems, to monorails systems with the capability to run anywhere between 0.5 and 5.0m/min. td have helped deliver quality finished sheet metal components for everything from high end audio equipment to domestic appliances.

Specialist Fabrications

From Gas Bottle to bicycles, gear boxes to busbars, td finishing have supplied wet paint and powder coating systems to suit. Including pre-treatment, booths, drying ovens, powder curing ovens and conveyors.

Including indexing power and free systems as well as automated dip FBE coating.

Architectural Aluminium (Qualicoat)

When aluminium coating is required to the exacting standards of Qualicoat approval. td finishing pre-treatment and powder coating systems can be supplied for fabricated flashings and aluminium extrusions of any length.

Typically, a dip-pre-treatment system will be supplied along with a separate specially designed monorail conveyor powder coating system. These are usually supplied to produce between 1,000 to 2,000 extrusions per day.

Contract Powder Coating

The contract coating industry requires industrial powder coating facilities which are extremely flexible and able to cope with multi-metal products, alongside materials ranging from sheet metal to heavy-gauge fabrications.

As the number one supplier in the UK, for contract powder coating systems, td finishing has extensive knowledge and experience of designing, supplying and installing facilities to suit a wide range of manufacturing requirements.

Wet Paint Finishing

Wet paint finishing of components with solvent and water-based paints, can often take several days to dry and harden before readiness for dispatch. td finishing offer a wide range of systems for these types of processes.

For small batch production manual spray booths and drying ovens are supplied with manual overhead conveyors. When larger production volumes are required, robot spray booths, infrared drying and water mist hardening can be supplied with an indexing, power and free conveyor system.


The automotive sector covers a wide range of manufacturing requirements and processes. A just-in-time production model requires high quality, consistent and reliable manufacturing with high levels of traceability. TD Finishing can supply a wide range of facilities to meet these requirements.

Including; pre-treatment with robot paint finishing and automated powder coating. Material drying, mould heating, composite curing and preheat ovens.


From large scale mining slurry tanks to filing cabinets powder coatings have been used to protect the metal substrates. In recent years td finishing have supplied powder coating facilities to coat a wide range of storage products for offices as well as for extremely harsh environments.

These include mining and agricultural products where fusion bonded epoxy primer can be used with a polyester topcoat for a durable and hardwearing finish.


A wide range of finishing system and plants have been supplied to a number of lighting product manufacturers across the UK. These have included auto and manual systems for speeds up to 6.0 m/min. There have also been several on-line spray pre-treatment systems and off-line dip-treatment facilities from three to five stages.

For product processing capacities of up to products of 6,000 mm in length.