How much does a powder coating system cost? Is it expensive to set up a powder coating facility? How much does it cost to bring finishing in-house? What is the average powder coating plant price?

These are common, but difficult question to answer. The answer is greatly dependent on your business size, customer requirements and production volumes.  


Powder Coating System Cost

If you are wondering how much a powder coating system can cost, it is important to understand that the answer will vary. For small start-up businesses, requiring a budget batch-system, these can be purchased for as little as £40,000-£50,000. A more typical budget for a large scale, conveyorised high-volume manufacturing, will be in the region of £400,000 to in excess of £600,000+. A higher continuous-production with stringent specifications, dependant on the requirements, can put the cost of a facility in to the millions of pounds.


What is required for a powder coating plant?

At a minimum for powder coating, you will require a powder booth, curing oven and application equipment. A form of surface preparations will also be required. Prior to powder application, components can be shot-blasted, wiped clean or have a full on-line spray pre-treatment regime. The better the preparation, the better the paint adhesion.


Batch Production

A basic batch production system typically involves a manual clean down procedure, a powder booth with spray gun and a box oven.  Depending on your product variability, sometimes a box oven is the only realistic means of powder curing. This can be enhanced with a simple manual conveyor, or a more advanced cassette batch-conveyor system. A manual batch conveyor can assist with reducing manual-handling, powder knock-off and space requirements. Batch production has the advantage of being small, low cost and flexible.  


Continuous Production

A powered conveyorised system offers many advantages over a batch system. Firstly, and most importantly, being the continuous and consistent finishing of high-volume manufactured products. Secondly, the lack of manual intervention prevents mechanical damage from handling, as well as vastly reducing rejection rates. 

The continuous conveyor reduces the manual handling to loading and unloading only. A suitable powder booth means human operators, reciprocators or a mix of both can ensure full, consistent powder coverage. Whilst a curing oven, specifically designed for powder coating, ensure a full even and consistent cure across all products.

A continuous production system will typically be made up of a 3 to 5 stage pre-treatment. A drying oven, a powder booth, a curing oven and conveyor system. The pre-treatment greatly depends on the client’s requirements. It is also often as high as 9 or 10 stages. Where floor space may be limited, or a particularly hazardous chemical treatment is required, a separate dip pre-treatment plant and powder coating facility will be supplied.  


What can td finishing provide your business?

Since 2002, td finishing have been supplying only the highest quality and specification equipment from start-ups to multinationals.  Regardless of your needs, all our systems are customised and built around your requirements.



Based on your capacity requirements, be it one box oven cure per day or a 5,000mm/min conveyor system. td finishing have the solutions to suit. All designed around your factory layout, workflow, floor space and finishing specifications.



Our team of engineers have over 80 years of combined experience in the design and supply of finishing plant equipment. They have provided solutions for countless valued clients.  


Customer care

Our clients return time and again for new plant, replacement of old equipment, upgrades, spares and maintenance contracts.  


Proven track record

td finishing has installed countless facilities around the UK, and have exported across the world. So, if you are interested in bringing your finishing requirements in-house, looking to upgrade or expand your existing facility – call us! Call today to arrange a visit to one of our satisfied customers facilities, and discuss the right solution for your business.  

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