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Overhead Conveyors

Overhead conveyors we have installed include a heavy duty 458 system over 400metes in length, enclosed side track system for loads up to 60kg and a lighter duty side track system for loads up to 25kg.

Recent installations also included the unique Power and Free overhead conveyors system, taking advantage of the conveyor design to ensure ovens are kept to a minimum size and therefore maximum efficiency.

Overhead conveyors to compliment our range of pre-treatment and ovens.

Finishing installations can be supplied with overhead monorail conveyors with capacities ranging from 15kg per pendant tubular conveyors up to ‘I’ beam conveyors with pendant capacities up to 400kg.

Power and Free systems can be incorporated into plant layouts to give flexible product loading and distribution with the factory.

Side mounted / inverted systems can be supplied for high quality white goods type systems.

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