Paint Finishing Systems

Since 2002 td finishing ltd have specialised in the Specification, Design, Manufacture and Supply of Automated Paint Finishing Systems. For a typical paint finishing system td can supply all the following, and more:

Paint Booths

td finishing Spray booths & rooms are manufactured from double skin panels with a galvanised internal and pre-coated external finish. Together with the necessary steel work, the booths are designed to form a fully self-supporting structure of any size. Supplied with extraction to meet all current legislation the booths are also available with a range of optional extras, including;

  • Varied ducting kits to suit installation
  • Filtered Air Inlet
  • Heated Air make-up
  • Double and single access doors
  • Internal lighting
  • Fortress interlock systems

Paint Flash Off

Following spraying a paint manufacturer will recommend a suitable “flash-off” time requirement for their paint or lacquer. td finishing flash-off areas are manufactured to the same high standards as our booths. And benefit from low-level extraction to suit the throughput and paint volume of your production. The benefits of installing a td paint flash off room, include Freeing up existing work space within the booth, offering Safe extraction of volatiles to atmosphere as well as reducing product drying times.

Paint Mix Rooms

Paint mix rooms, sometimes referred to as paint kitchens are the ideal accompaniment to any paint finishing system. They give a safe, enclosed location in which operators are able, to mix and test, paints and lacquers prior to application. In many cases they will house the auto-mixing and pumping equipment. Which when called upon is delivered to the spray equipment inside the booth. If regular colour changes are required. Multiple tanks & pumps mean that regardless, whether it’s a manual or robot spray process. The paint can be checked, adjusted or changed as required without interrupting the ongoing spraying process. Internal lighting filtered air-inlet and low-level extraction means your factory remains a safe, clean working environment.

Paint Equipment, Reciprocators and Robots

Equipment for control, mixing and delivery of paint can be supplied as a package with any td paint finishing system. A typical system for high production will include multiple base tanks, a catalyst tank, agitators, regulators, delivery pumps and spray guns.

Where production volumes and consistency are of the essence. td offer reciprocator and robot paint spraying capabilities, using premium robot manufacturers and highly specialised robot programming. td provide solutions to suit any production, product dimensions and painting requirements. Ranging from flat sheets to components with complex geometry. Customised paint delivery equipment and product handling systems will typically also be included to ensure parts are precisely located prior to commencement of spraying.

Robot spraying offers huge advantages over a manual system, which include;

  • Reduced spray time per components
  • Improved consistency
  • Lower labour cost per part painted
  • Less manual handling of wet painted components
  • Minimised reject rates

Infrared and Air-recirculating Drying Ovens

td finishing are experts in the design and supply of paint drying ovens. This includes low-temperature box and conveyorised drying ovens, as well as catalytic infra-red tunnel ovens. Ovens ranging in size can often reduce drying times, from several days to hours, or even minutes. Meaning your product can be made to order and shipped to suit a “ust in time” manufacturing process. This helps maintain low stock levels. Increasing usable production space and preventing damage due to handling following paint application. Installing a td finishing oven also provides consistent process parameters, which is not always the case when relying on ambient conditions for drying.


Our vast knowledge in the design and supply of paint-finishing conveyor systems. Means td can provide a conveyor system which ranges from a simple manual monorail to the more complex power & free type. Overhead conveyor systems can improve production, consistency, and reduce floor space. Speak with one of our experienced engineers today to discuss your finishing requirements.

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