Looking for powder coating equipment for sale?  Here at TD Finishing, we specialise in supplying and installing industrial powder coating systems and we can create bespoke, quality solutions that are guaranteed not to let you down. With decades of experience in the trade, it’s safe to say we know a lot about how powder coating works. With this in mind, we have gone the extra mile to design and revolutionise the way industrial coating systems work, and we are confident that your business will benefit from our control systems. 

Swallow Architectural Aluminium Limited – installing a brand new powder coating system

Swallow Architectural Aluminium Limited approached us, looking for powder coating equipment to be installed into the new purpose built factory in Elland near Halifax. The company had outgrown their existing finishing systems factory in Sowerby Bridge and needed to increase output. The only answer was to move to new bigger site and install a new dip pretreatment and powder coating facility to handle the increase in demand.  After many months of investigation into the best available powder coating equipment for sale, TD Finishing Ltd and Gema were chosen as the preferred suppliers to install the finishing plant. The demands of client’s quality standards were foremost in the mind of managing Director Andrew Swallow, and it was decided that the new facility should incorporate the latest chrome free pretreatment technology.
td finishing worked together with Chemetall ltd, part of the BASF group, to design a powder plant system that would be capable of meeting the ‘Qualicoat’ standard. A seven stage dip pretreatment was installed consisting of:
Products preloaded in baskets at the load end of the pretreatment and then being processed through the dip tank via a manually operated crane system. After their pretreament, the work is then loaded onto the powder coating line for the automatic application of the powder. 

  • Stage 1 –  Alkali Cleaner
  • Stage 2 – Main water rinse
  • Stage 3-  Acid etch
  • Stage 4 – Mains water rinse
  • Stage 5-  Demin water rinse
  • Stage 6 – Chrome free
  • Stage 7 – Demin
  • Stage 8 – Drying oven

The powder coating line consists of an Automatic Gema fast colour change booth system, a semi-automatic monorail conveyor system and a high efficiency powder curing oven. Products up to 7.2m in length can be powder coated with a load capacity of 500kg.  A full water recycling system was incorporated into the design of the finishing plant in order to maximise water usage and minimise water discharge.    

Powder coating equipment for sale at td finishing

If you’re looking for powder coating equipment for sale, then look no further than td finishing. All of our coating equipment offers the highest levels of performance and is guaranteed to increase productivity and decrease turnaround times for your business.
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