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Powder Coating Ovens | Paint Drying Ovens

Batch & conveyorized, indirect/direct gas fired, electric air recirculated powder coating ovens and pre-treatment drying ovens.

The air recirculated ovens are of a ‘flat pack’ design for ease of installation. The principle of the convection oven design is that internal air is recirculated by a plug type circulation fan and heated via a package type gas burner, both mounted within an insulated chamber.

Modern day are can incorporate high efficiency modulating gas and air burners to give the most cost-effective running consumption.

Special internal distribution ducting within the oven gives the best oven profile and therefore an even product heat up.

The oven design for conveyor ovens incorporates negative type air seals at both the work entry and exit to minimise heat losses through the work openings and minimise disturbance of the product.

The powder curing oven bodies are manufactured form modular oven panels insulated with high density mineral wool.

Special Powder Curing ovens can be supplied with stainless steel internals for more arduous conditions.

Oven sizes can range from 5 minute pretreatment drying ovens, 15 minute powder curing oven for sheet metal  work and up to 60 minutes heavy agricultural products.

Infra-red Ovens

Infra-red ovens for paints & powders, as standalone ovens or combination of infra-red and air recirculation.

Radiant infra-red used a pre heat zones or standalone ovens for the heating of powder coated or wet painted products. Pre heat zones are generally used to jell powder before entering convections ovens to minimise the cross contamination.

Standalone ovens used for the simple one dimensional thin gauge products.

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powder coating ovens