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Powder Coating Systems

Since 2002 TD Finishing Ltd have specialised in the Specification, Design, Manufacture and Supply of Complete Powder Coating Systems.


  • Excellent reputation within the industry.
  • High quality design specifications & robust systems.
  • Reassurance that we consistently under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Always delivering projects on time and on budget.
  • Designing flexible powder finishing systems to suit your exact needs.
  • The leading company in our market sector with years of experience on numerous systems.



TD Finishing offer a huge range of high-specification turnkey powder coating systems.  Our vast experience with dip & spray pretreatment plant, drying & curing ovens as well as a full range of conveyors; allows for a purpose-built solution to your finishing requirements.  We also have a strong working relationship with major booth manufacturers to ensure perfect integration between product preparation, paint application and powder curing.


Complete Finishing Systems


Following a meeting on your site with a TD representative, we will then propose a complete, modern and energy efficient plant using the best suited professional powder coating equipment.  So; whether it’s bicycles or boilers, fencing or furniture which needs to be powder coated.  We can supply complete finishing systems specifically designed around your product and factory requirements.



All our projects are bespoke and focused around each individual customer’s needs.  Our in-house team of design engineers will work closely with the end user to ensure our powder coating plants are suitable for your product, throughput, factory space, budget and importantly your customers final finishing specification.

Equipment to Suit Any Finishing Requirement


Manual Conveyor Powder Coating Facilities


Manual or “dead Rail” systems can be utilised for increased productivity over the traditional booth and oven systems.  They also reduce manual handling requirements placed on to the operators and can significantly increase the oven efficiency, production speed as well as the quality control of finished components.

Cassette Systems


Efficient as well as space saving, a cassette system allows a for a reduced foot print and can produce the equivalent of a small scale conveyorised system, whilst using a smaller more efficient box oven for curing.  A clever combination of powered & manual track means the system can be utilised with an auto-spray powder coating booth.

Powered Monorail Powder Coating Conveyor Plant


Used in continuous production environments a monorail system, consisting of pre-treatment, drying oven, powder booth and curing oven can significantly reduce operator intervention and produce a higher quality, more consistent finish.  A side track option is available, where the chain is turned through 90°.  Further preventing possible contamination, from chain lubrication oil.   TD finishing’s expertise runs from start to finish and we can advise on the correct conveyor size, style, track radii, rise & falls even your product hanging requirements.

Power & Free Systems


Can be used for traditional or fusion bonded epoxy coatings and allow for high rates of production as well as a more flexible working environment.  They are utilised for very heavy-weight production, and the stationary load / unload areas provide a safer working environment for your operators.  As the flight bars are stationary they allow mechanical handling of heavy components on to the system, something which is traditionally not possible with a monorail conveyor.   A power & Free system will also allow us to reduce in size the drying and curing ovens on heavier gauge material increasing efficiency of the powder coating plant whilst reducing floor space requirements.

All the above systems can be utilised with gas-fired air-recirculating convection and infrared powder coating ovens, powder coating pretreatment equipment or gantry crane dip-tank systems.  This allows TD Finishing to offer metal finishing equipment which suits any requirement; whether it is 1000 hrs Salt Spray Test or Qualicoat Approval we supply the equipment to match your requirements.

Not sure what would best suit your needs?   Then please contact us today to discuss our powder coating equipment for sale with one of our team who would be happy to help.

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