td finishing and their associates recently installed a robotic wet paint spray booth for a prestigious door manufacturer. As a leading supplier of paint finishing systems, we are proud to go the extra mile when it comes to installing industrial finishing plants. We can supply all sorts of spray painting equipment, and can provide you with a system that ensures the finishing process is completed perfectly from start to finish. Our finishing systems include pre-treatment plants, drying ovens, curing ovens, box ovens, infrared ovens, conveyor systems, and spray booths.


Why should you invest in a spray booth for your business?

A spray booth has been proven to increase productivity and turnaround times. Our specially designed paint booths offer the user a controlled environment, which makes it much easier to apply the coating to components and surfaces. Having the designated painting environment also means that you can control and contain any hazardous materials, and prevent any debris from compromising the coverage and quality of the paint application. This particular client was looking to increase the consistency of their wet-spray finish whist also increasing their production throughput (to one door every 65 seconds). Their new paint facility consists of a power & free conveyor with indexing through two spray booths, a flash off tunnel, an infrared oven and a water-mist surface-hardening system.


State-of-the-art paint plant system

Housed within the booths are two ABB wet paint spraying robots. These robotic paint machines have been pre-programmed for painting every size and colour of door in the client’s range. A paint-kitchen with state of the art delivery system was also included. The HMI allow the operators to check the finishing systems parameters and adjust at the touch of a button, whilst the 6 paint pots allow for a quick colour change.  4 paint pots were supplied for dedicated colours and two were made available for special and less frequently needed colours. Meaning one could be in use whilst the other system was being cleaned for the next colour run.


Maximum Efficiency

A door perfectly lends itself to the use of an Infrared Gas-catalytic Paint Drying Oven. Our paint drying ovens are made up of flameless infrared panels arranged in a matrix of rows to ensure both faces are dried evenly. The ability to adjust each panel individually as a percentage of output means that during commissioning, the system can be setup to the customers exact requirements with a maximum efficiency.


Reducing Production Time

The water mist hardener follows the paint drying oven usage and works to harden and cool the paint’s surface. This reduces the time product must wait on the line before it could be handled and then packed for shipping. td finishing was able to assist the customer with trials prior to their order, giving the customer peace of mind that the new wet spray painting plant worked before installation.


Increased Efficiency

The new painting facility now means the clients products can be taken off the line ready for packing and shipping without having to wait days for the paint to sufficiently harden. This has reduced factory space requirements all the while increasing the capability to produce doors in any colour and on-demand.


Get your spray booth technology today

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