Spray Pre-Treatment

td finishing are experts in Spray Pre-Treatment Systems and Powder Coating Systems. We have recently worked on small online spray pre-treatment systems including 2.5 stage chemical and rinse for office furniture, and much larger silane-based pre-treatment systems with Demineralised rinse water requirements, running at rates of up to 5 metres per minute.

Spray Pre-Treatment

Fully Welded Stainless Steel Housing Modules

All our Spray pre-treatment systems are manufactured with fully welded stainless-steel housing modules for quick assembly on site with sealed bolted joints.

Easily Adjustable Spray Nozzle Assemblies

The Process tanks for each stage recirculate the liquid with a centrifugal pumping system. The pumps feed from stainless-steel pipe work to internally mounted CPVC standpipes within each stage, each standpipe has quick release couplers and easily adjustable spray nozzle assemblies.

Allowing for easy maintenance of the system and quick replacement where required. For heated stages the tanks are fitted with a highly efficient tube-firing gas burner or chemical-resistant submersible electric elements where appropriate.

Longevity and Hassle-Free Production

Entry and exit extract fans, maintenance walkways & access doors, internal lighting and twin-pump mesh filters are always incorporated into the standard design. The benefits of which include; minimal mist encroaching into the factory space, allowing easy & safe access into the plant, as well as protecting the pump from unwanted contaminants: ensuring longevity and hassle-free production.

Whether it’s combined degrease-phosphate, or chrome-free Qualicoat Aluminium TD finishing have the experience and proven track record to provide bespoke, industrial pre-treatment solutions. So, for your Paint & Powder Coating Systems, contact us today.

If you require an industrial oven or batch oven for Powder coating, Drying, Paint curing or any other process, then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team TODAY. As experts in Paint and Powder Coating Systems, we can help.

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